As you know  event takes place in Austria:

The address for our event : 
Wörth 1, 3380 Wörth – Austria

GPS:  Wörth 1, 3380 Wörth

Paddock opens July 04 at 10:00. IJSBA.EU closes  paddock on monday July 10.

Thank you for making your pre-registration! If you haven’t had the change to, please follow this link: 
Pre-registrated pilots can find their names on this list.
If you are in green you are all set. If your name is in red please check: 1 little star means your number is already taken by another pilot. 2 little stars means you want to race a novice category along with a category that is not allowed. Please ask us for more information:
Here you can find  Shedule and registration form to print. If you bring this to  registration table, it will save you some time. 
For general information check our website: