Preliminary time Schedule:

Sunday 9th of August:
Pit area is open: Welcome to adventures in the beautiful Bergen city!

Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th
Free practice on the water
Joint activities for anybody interested. Trip to Ulirken, the tallest of the 7 mountains that surround Bergen. Guided buss tour in Bergen City, to Bryggen and Hjellestad Jet Ski Klubbs clubhouse
Wednesday 12th
Registration and technical control is open

Thursday 13th
Training, Pole Position and Moto

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th Moto

Knøttejet: Yamaha 701 with speed restriction – Norwegian category age 8 -10 years.
Ski Junior 10-12 years old. Everybody gets a trophy, not a Nordic Championship title category
Ski Junior Lite 13-16 years old
Ski Lite
Ski Stock
Ski Ladies Limited
Ski Promotion
Ski Elite – GP1
Ski Veteran GP1 35 år +

Runabout SeaDoo Spark, Inside engine compartment; «out of the box», Exterior; Handling parts may be altered. (See Note on SeaDoo Spark rules).
Runabout NA
Runabout Stock
Runabout Elite – GP1