Official Race Notice!

Jet Ski King’s Cup – World Cup Grand Prix 2012
5-9 December, Pattaya City, Thailand.

No. Category Cash Prize (US$) Entry Fee
1 Pro Ski Open
2 Pro Sport GP
3 Pro R/A 800 Open
4 Pro R/A Open
5 Pro Freestyle
6 Pro-Am Ski Open
7 Pro-Am R/A Open
8 Pro-Am R/A 4 Stroke Stock
9 Pro-Am Women Ski Limited
10 Expert Veterans R/A Open (35+)
11 Expert R/A Limited
12 Amateur Ski Limited
13 Amateur Runabout 800 Limited
14 Amateur Freestyle
15 Novice Ski Stock
16 Novice Ski 2 Stroke Stock
17 Novice Runabout Stock
18 Junior 11-13 Ski Stock
• The KING’S CUP will be awarded to the winners of the 5 pro categories :
Pro Ski Open, Pro Sport GP, Pro R/A 800 Open, Pro R/A Open and Pro Freestyle
• For the rest, event trophies will be awarded to the top five winners in each category.
• The total cash prizes are over US$ 170,000!!
The prize money will be awarded to the top three winners in each category.
• The rules of ‘IJSBA 2012’ will be applied.
• “Sport GP” : When a class is designated a GP class then Modified Rules apply with the following
additional providions: 1) OEM Crankcases from any homologated make/model PWC may be used; and
2) Top deck may be modified or aftermarket so long as it resembles an OEM homologated top deck.
DISPLACEMENT ADDENDUM:All Normally Aspirated Four Stroke shall be allowed a maximum
displacement of 1100cc or OEM displacement plus 1mm overbore on all cylinders (whichever
is greater). All Normally Aspirated Two Stroke shall be allowed a maximum displacement of 1200 cc.
Any PWC which is supercharged or turbocharged shall be limited to a maximum displacement
of 800cc or OEM displacement plus 1mm overbore on all cylinders (whichever is greater).
• Back and leg protection, for safety, all riders must wear back and leg standard protections during
competition (Leg protections have to cover the whole lower legs-not only to cover the front leg)
except in the ski classes, it is allowed not to wear leg protection but still have to wear back protection.
Any riders who do not follow the rule will be disqualified.
• Fuel, we open to all kind of fuels.
Race system
• The final round race will use the scores accumulated from the 4 motos and also the IJSBA
official Closed Course point system.
• When the number of riders is more than the maximum number of watercraft allowed on
starting line, Heat & LCQ systems will be used.
• For the first 5 Pro categories, riders must be certified by and apply through IJSBA affiliated
countries that they belong to.
• Other classes, riders can apply directly to Thai Jet Sports Boating Association via e-mail : or Fax.(662)587-9909
Please apply within 31, October 2012.
 Official hotel and other information are coming soon!!
 Sanctioned by :
• IJSBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association)
• TJSBA (Thai Jet Sports Boating Association)
Copy right owner and organized by :
• Watercross World – Asian Multi Sports & Entertainment Co.,Ltd.